Kagiso and Carol Engagement

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, WINTER IS THE BEST SEASON. I met Kagiso and Carol for the first time when we did their engagement session on my farm.

Sometimes, as photographers, we strike gold when we do portrait sessions. It could be that the lighting is stunning, or it could be that the couple poses really well. Or, it could be that all those puzzle pieces just fall right into place and the end result is pure magic. <3

An engagement session is really important for the couple as well as the photographer. It gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and see if you’re all a good fit. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spend your wedding day with a photographer that you’re feeling a bit awkward around? Likewise for the photographer, sometimes clients just don’t fit well for them, and it’ll be a shame to find that out on the wedding day.

But none of this matters with these two, because they are awesome and I’m so glad they found me. Their wedding was set to take place in November 2020, but the big “C” word has made them change their date. None the less, when that day comes, there will be so much magic in the air that we’ll all forget about the big “C” and life will be magic. Netherwood, I hope you’re ready for an incredible day with these two?


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